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The old notes system (Notes documents) is no longer supported.

New and Improved

The new Notes tool adds several important features and significantly improves various aspects of the old system:

  1. Fully cross-platform across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and the web

  2. Access to all your notes and highlights in a single database

  3. Faster and easier searching of your notes database

  4. Faceted browsing to instantly find all your notes by any combination of the following facets:

    • Type: Notes or Highlights

    • Resource

    • Bible book

    • Data Type: Bible, Philo, Josephus, Apostolic Fathers, etc.

    • Tags

    • Notebook

    • Anchor: text range, reference, workflow, no anchor

    • Modified date

    • Created date

  5. In-app sharing

  6. Read-only, auto-updating shared notebooks

  7. New rich text editing options

  8. Notes & Highlights filter in the resource sidebar to quickly find everywhere you’ve added a note or highlight in a resource

  9. Improved syncing

  10. Performance: faster syncing 

  11. Scalability: built to handle millions of notes efficiently


Missing Functionality

When we launched Logos 8.0 in Oct 2018, we were still working on the new Notes tool, making sure it had all the features of the old notes system. Functionality has now reached parity, but we’d still love to hear your feedback on how you like new Notes, and what improvements you'd like to see.


Shipped Features

The following features have shipped to all users in the current version of the Logos desktop application.

  1. Remember your note icon and highlight style preferences

  2. Highlight search extension searches

  3. Labels

  4. Notebooks are remembered when saved in Favorites, layouts, etc.

  5. Sorting notes by reference (desktop only)

  6. Copy and paste from resources with citation links

  7. Previous/Next Annotation in the Locator Bar

  8. Corresponding Notes & Highlights visual filter

  9. Display selected notebook as tab title

  10. CTRL+F to find in editor

  11. Include Anchors (references and resource text) in Print/Export

  12. Integration of notes in search: Your Documents section of Basic Search panel, and Your Content section of guides

  13. Compact (i.e., one line) view (comparable to Split view in old notes)

  14. Setting for default font size

  15. Hovering note/highlight in resource displays its notebook

  16. Clicking note icon in resource opens in notebook

  17. Send to sermon document

  18. Full view

  19. Timestamp visibility (better exposure for specific time and date created and modified)

  20. Add a note to notebook from context menu

  21. Find notebooks in the Documents panel

  22. Guide notes

  23. Additional note icon shapes


Deprecated features

We’ve dropped these features and don’t currently plan to implement them in the new system.

  1. Note titles

  2. Nesting/indenting notes

  3. Quotes view in Notes (a resource can be filtered to show only highlighted text; print support coming soon)

  4. Wikipedia panel note anchors

  5. RTL/LTR editor control

  6. Spellcheck language setting



How do I get the new Notes tool?

We’ve already done the work to make all your notes and highlights work seamlessly in the new system. All of your notes and highlights will be ready to use in the new system on all platforms.


Where can I find the new Notes tool, and how do I get started using it?

You’ll be able to find the new Notes tool in the Tools menu of the Logos desktop app and the Logos web app. You can also take new notes and highlights by right-clicking in the Context menu in Resources or by using the Highlighting tool (desktop only). In the mobile app, you’ll find the new Notes tool in the main app menu, in the Tools tab of the New Tab menu, and in the Actions menu and Selection menu in Resources.


How is the new Notes tool different from the old one?

The main difference in the new Notes tool is that all your notes are in a single database. You can view them all as a list, or filter down to only highlights, or a single book of the Bible, or all notes taken in a certain resource. You can also organize and share your notes in Notebooks.


Where are my note documents?

Your note documents from the old system have all migrated to the new note system as notebooks with the same name. Think of them as folders for your notes. You can find them in the left sidebar under the Notebooks tab.


What should I use notebooks for?

Notebooks in the new note system are analogous to note documents (previously called note files in Logos 4 and earlier) in the old system. In the old system, every note or highlight was in a note document. In the new system, it’s possible for notes and highlights not to be in any notebook. This article outlines some reasons to use and not use notebooks.


How can I share my notes?

In the new Notes tool, sharing a Notebook will share all the notes it contains. You can share a notebook on the Notebooks tab, in the Documents menu, and on You can also find and get read-only access to other users’ shared notebooks in the Documents menu or at


Can I access all of my notes and highlights on my PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone, or Android device?

Yes. The new note system was built to work seamlessly across all your devices. All your notes and highlights will sync across all your devices as long as you’re connected to the internet.


Can I access my notes and highlights offline?

The new Notes tool on desktop and mobile supports offline access. While you’ll need to be online to sync your notes and highlights with your other devices, you’ll be able to create, edit, manage, and delete notes and highlights while offline.


Can I try the new note system before upgrading my Logos?

All of your notes are available right now on the Logos web app. Go try it out for free, and see how you can browse your notes with the new facet system. (Just remember, any new notes or edits you create on the web app won’t sync back to your desktop until you upgrade)


How do I use my labels or make new ones?

You can learn how in this help article.


What if I’m using the new Notes tool on one device and notes documents on another device?

We recommend you update to the latest version of Logos on all your computers and mobile devices to avoid potential conflicts between old notes and new notes.


I still have questions. Where do I get help?

You can get help learning how to use the new Logos Notes tool in the following places:



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