Create, Organize, and Export Clippings

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In Logos, Clippings are the digital equivalent of using index cards for note-taking. Clippings allow you to extract and store excerpts from any resource to use later. Like Notes, Clippings consist of multiple, individual "clippings" inside a single "Clippings Document." However, unlike Notes, Clippings are optimized for exporting and sharing.


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Create a Clipping Document

Add a Clipping

Organize your Clippings

Save as Passage List or Bibliography

Print or Export your Clippings


Create a Clipping Document

Click the Documents icon Documents icon. Then, click New > Clippings. Give your Clippings document a descriptive name by typing in the title field.

Open a new Clippings document in Logos



Add a Clipping

  1. Open a resource. Then, select the text you want to clip. You have several options for adding the selected text to your clipping:

    You can add the selected text to your clipping document by clicking Add clipping in the Clippings panel.

    2 Click Add Clipping


    You can right-click the selected text and select Add a clipping in the Context menu. This may expand to display a list of the available clipping documents you can add the new clipping to.

    3 Add Clipping From Context Menu


    You can also drag and drop the selected text into the Clippings panel.

  2. Logos creates an individual clipping within your clippings document from the text you added.

    Click the resource abbreviation at the top left of the card to open the resource to that location in a new panel. 

    Click the Info icon at the bottom right of the card to bring up the bibliographic info for the source of the clipping.

    You can format the text of your clipping by using the toolbar at the top of the Clippings panel.

    4 Individual Clipping Example


Organize your Clippings

You can tag your clippings by clicking Add tag at the bottom of the card. You can also add notes to a clipping by clicking Notes at the bottom right of the card. You can also drag and rearrange clipping cards into any order.


Save as Passage List or Bibliography

You can create a bibliography from your Clippings document by clicking the Clippings panel menu icon Kebab Vertical icon, and then selecting Save as Passage List or Save as Bibliography.

5 Save Clipping As Passage List Or Bibliography


Print or Export your Clippings

To print or export your clippings document:

  1. Click the Clippings panel icon , and select Print/Export. A new window will appear with printing and exporting options.
  2. To print or export your entire Clippings document, click Copy to clipboard to paste elsewhere, save your document in one of the available formats, or send your document to a word processor (like Microsoft Word).

Note: To print or export just the bibliographic citations, check the “Bibliography only” box.


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