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What can you do if you have books in your Logos library that you know you're never going to use? Maybe they're in a language you can't read, or you prefer a different version of the same resource. Logos doesn't allow you to delete resources and removing them from your local installation simply offloads them to the cloud.

The solution? Hide unwanted resources. Using the Library or Program Settings, you can quickly and easily hide resources so they don’t appear in your Library, Search, etc.


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Using the Library

  1. Open your Library (dock this panel by dragging the library icon to your Logos display for ease of use).
  2. Select the Resource(s) you wish to hide by clicking the blank space next to the title.

    Note: You can either hold Ctrl and select multiple resources one by one, or you can click the first resource and then click the last resource while holding Shift to select the first and last resources in addition to all of those in between.

  3. With your Resource(s) selected, hold Ctrl (Windows) or Opt (Mac) and right-click the blank space of a selected resource.

  4. Click Hide these resources.


Using Program Settings

  1. Open your Library (docking this panel by dragging the Library icon to the main Logos display will make the rest of the process much easier).
  2. Click the Help Panel Menu icon in the upper right corner of the app and select Program Settings.

    Note: This may open Program Settings in a floating window. You can dock this panel as well, but the process works the same whether the panel is floating or docked in your main display.

  3. Scroll down to the Hidden Resources section and expand it.
  4. Drag the resource(s) you want to hide from the Library panel to the Hidden Resources section.


Unhide resources

To unhide a resource, navigate to the Hidden Resources section of Program Settings. You can either:

  • Hover over a resource and click the x.

  • Right-click a resource and click Unhide.

Logos will immediately begin downloading and indexing the unhidden resources.

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