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Faithlife Assistant

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Faithlife Assistant is a conversational AI bot that allows you to perform many tasks in Logos using natural language.

Note: Faithlife Assistant requires an active internet connection, and is currently available with a Faithlife Connect subscription.


Open Faithlife Assistant 

  1. Click Tools > Utilities > Faithlife Assistant.


  1. Type a question, or click the microphone icon and say your question aloud (requires a working microphone in your computer).




  1. Faithlife Assistant is under development and some queries may not work. Below are some examples of the kinds of queries you can use:
  • What can you do? (To learn about some of the things you can ask or tell Faithlife Assistant.)
  • What’s today’s verse? Verse of the day
  • Show me verses where Satan speaks to Jesus.
  • Open the ESV. Open the NIV.
  • Open Ephesians. Go to Ephesians.
  • Open John 3:16.
  • Take a note on John 3:16.
  • Open the RSV to Luke 22.
  • Open BDAG.
  • Define atonement. What’s the definition of atonement?
  • Run a Passage Guide on John 1. Passage Guide on John 1.
  • Run an Exegetical Guide on John 1. Exegetical Guide on John 1.
  • Run a word study on love. Word study on love.
  • Tell me about grace.
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Compare John 3:16 in multiple versions.
  • Are there any updates available?
  • Update my resources.


Open Faithlife Assistant in Logos


Additional Resources

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