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Program Settings

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Program Settings affect the behavior of Logos as a whole, rather than individual resources or tools. 

Most of the settings are Yes/No toggles that take instant effect. You do not need to save the changes, but a restart is required for some changes to take effect (e.g. changing the language). For more detailed information on any setting, hover over the option you want more details about and click the help icon  that appears.

You can easily customize your Logos preferences. There are three ways to do this:

  • Click Tools > Utilities > Program Settings,


  • Type program settings in the Command box,


  • Access them from the Panel menu.


Some of the most frequently changed settings are described below.



  • At Startup Open to allows you to set what view displays when you open Logos, whether to the Home Page, a blank layout, or a layout of your choice. See the article on Layouts for more information. 
  • Citation Style allows you to select a bibliographic citation style from among the available options (ie. APA, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, Turabian, etc.).
  • Language determines the language of the program’s menus, interface, and so on. You must restart Logos to implement any change. Note: This will change the system language, not languages within resources.
  • Show options (such as Show Alerts and Show Visual Cues) allow you to customize the way Logos displays alters, information, and notifications within the program.



  • Content Scaling affects the size of the text in all resources. To adjust the text size within a specific resource, open that resource and click the Resource Panel icon  and drag the text size slider to the desired setting.

  • Program Scaling changes the text, button, and menu size across the entire program. 
  • Resource Panel Background adjusts the shade and color of the background in resources only.



  • If you are on a low-bandwidth or metered internet connection, adjust Automatically Start Downloads to choose when updates are downloaded and if the program will update automatically. Note: If you turn off automatic downloads, you will need to manually download updates as new resources are added to your library. (To manually update Logos, type update now into the Command box and press Enter.)
  • If your computer is low on hard drive space, you can change the default setting to Download New Resources to No. This will prevent your local installation from downloading newly added resources. Note: You can manually download new resources through the library. For more information on Cloud Resources and manual resource downloads, see this article.
  • Show Community Ratings/Tags options toggle whether or not your Library resources will display information provided by the wider Logos user community. 


Text Display

  • Adjust these settings to change font and layout settings within resources (except for text size — see Accessibility above).


Transliteration Format 

  • Adjust these settings to change the way Logos transliterates Greek, Hebrew, and Syriac. Transliteration is when a word from one language is written using the closest corresponding letters of another language.


Hidden Resources

  • You can hide books you do not want to appear in your library.
    Note: This does not delete the resources and it is different from removing resources from your local library using Cloud Resources.
  • Contact Logos Customer Support if you want to return a purchased resource. 


Open Program Settings in Logos

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