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Report a Problem (Performance) | Windows

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I have a very fast computer, but I have encountered a problem which causes Logos to run very slowly or stop responding, and need to report it.
Or a Support Technician has requested that I send them performance log files.

See also: What to do if Logos Crashes and How to Submit Logs

Tip: Many performance issues can be addressed through resource management or by disabling certain extra features, especially on older computers. Please visit Optimizing Logos Performance for help with these simple changes.


Logos users can run the Logos Performance Tool to create an "ETL" file which can be used along with standard "Logos Log Files" to diagnose potential performance issues in Logos. Diagnostics should be submitted to the support department for analysis.

Installing the Logos Performance Tool

    1. Download the Logos Performance Tool Installer
    2. Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  1. When setup completes, it is also recommended to run Windows Update and ensure all "important" updates are installed.

Additional Software: This will install the Logos Performance Tool and Microsoft's Windows Performance Toolkit (WPTx64 or WPTx86) if it is not already present.

Using the Performance Tool

The Logos Performance Tool will enable additional logging in Logos to diagnose potential performance issues.

    1. To begin, open the "Logos Performance Tool".
    2. Open Logos, and press the "Start Sampling" button on the tool.

  1. Repeat the actions in Logos which seemed overly slow.
  2. When you're finished, press "Stop Sampling".

Note: While sampling, additional windows may open. They should close automatically, when complete. Please, do not interrupt this process.

Submitting your Performance Logs:

Now that you've logged the slow process, please submit your logs for review by the Development team.

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer.

  2. Navigate to your "Documents" folder.

  3. Locate the "Logos Log Files" folder.

  4. Right-click on the Log Files folder and choose "Send to" > "Compressed (Zipped) folder".

  5. A Zip File will be created.

  6. Click here to visit the Logos forums.

  7. Click on "Write a New Post."

  8. Enter a description of what you were doing when the problem occurred.

  9. Attach your "Logos Log" file, using the media button shown with a small "paper clip" icon.

  1. Then "Post" your report.

    The support and development teams often monitors these forums and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If a technician requested your report directly, please email the zipped file:

  1. Attach the Logos Log file to an email.

  2. Please, describe the problem and steps used to recreate it in your email.

  3. Send the email to

A technician will receive your email and share it with the development team for analysis, then respond as needed.

Please Note: Analysis of these files may take some time. We appreciate your patience as we pursue the issue.

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