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The Information tool displays information about any word you hover over. You can open the Information tool from the Context menu, or from the Tools menu.


Context Menu

  1. Open the resource you want to study using the Library or Command box.
  2. Right-click the word or passage you want to study and select Show more Information at the bottom of the left pane of the Context menu. The Information tool will appear in a new panel.


(Open the Information Tool in Logos)


Tools Menu

  1. Open the resource you want to study using the Library or Command box.
  2. Click Tools > Lookup > Information, or type Information in the Find tools box and press Enter. The Information tool will open in a new panel.


  3. As you read and scroll through your resource, the Information tool will update to provide information and links related to whatever you hover over.

    Note: You can change the settings so that the Information tool updates when you click a word instead of hover over it by clicking the panel menu icon  and selecting Click instead of Hover in the Update on: section. To freeze the Information tool: highlight a word or phrase and hold down the Cmd key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) when moving the mouse.


Information Panel Sections

The information panel is divided into thematic sections.

  • Expand and close sections by clicking the triangle icon on the left of each heading. Remove a section by hovering over its heading and clicking the X at the far right of the heading. Restore a section by clicking Add in the Information panel. 
  • Some sections are customizable. Hover over a section heading and click Settings to change the settings for a particular section.


Copy Information Panel Contents

You can copy the contents of the Information panel to your clipboard.

  1. Highlight a word or phrase in your resource panel.
  2. Click Copy in the Information panel toolbar. All of the contents of the information panel will be copied to your clipboard.


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