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If you cannot find or open a resource in the Logos, Verbum, Biblia, Faithlife Study Bible, or Faithlife eBooks app, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: Check the Library Toolbar

This brief video explains how to find your books. To view all of your books, make sure that you have selected Library from the toolbar, and that nothing is entered into the Search field.

Solution 2: Verify Internet Access and Account Details

The Logos Bible app is primarily “cloud-based.” Resources, search results, and other features require an internet connection. Be sure your device has an active internet connection before opening the app to ensure all features and resources are available.

To verify your account, tap the More Menu icon Hamburger icon, tap Help, and find Account. Your account email address should be listed.

IMG 0387

If it is not, tap Sign in. If the wrong address is listed, uninstall and reinstall the app as shown below.


Solution 3: Manually Restart the device

By restarting the device, you will refresh the syncing engine.


Solution 4: Re-Install the App

If your resources are still not visible, or if the wrong account is listed, reinstall with the instructions here.


Note: If after following these solutions you need additional help, tap the More Menu icon Hamburger icon, tap Help, and contact support by selecting Report a Problem.

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