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Confirming Internet Settings are Set for Automatic Updates

Logos Bible Software should download resources automatically. There are external factors and settings within Logos that can prevent Logos from downloading updates automatically.

Tip: Using Wi-Fi?
If you connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, consider connecting through an Ethernet cable instead before proceeding. This type of connection is more stable and has fewer variables to compete with.

  • Check your antivirus and firewall settings.
  • Verify Internet settings in Program Settings as described below.

Check Program Settings

  • Go to Tools > Program Settings.
  • Set "Automatically Start Downloads" to "Yes".
  • Set the range to "between Midnight and Midnight".
  • Set "Download New Resources" to "Yes".
  • Restart Logos and wait for a download to begin.

Logos Internet Settings Updates

The notification center will indicate when an update has been found and is downloading. Learn more about Logos notifications here.

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