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Semantic Roles (Video)

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Semantic Roles

2:28 min


Case Frames

2:07 min



Get creative with your Clause Searches and uncover real meaning that goes beyond surface-level grammar. With Semantic Roles and Case Frames, you can see the semantic role, or underlying relationship, a participant has with a verb in a clause. You can find every time Jesus prays without limiting yourself to places where this only occurs grammatically—now you can find the verses where this is semantically true, too.


For example, Jesus may heal someone, but he's not always listed as the subject of the clause. That's no longer an issue. Semantic Roles and Case Frames uncovers these references even if the person is the object, not subject, and even if they're only alluded to as a pronoun—not specifically mentioned. Similarly, don't just uncover places where Peter did the healing—now you can find where he was healed, too. Logos uncovers all of these instances, so you never miss a reference based on grammar.

This video was produced in Logos 7. To see videos featuring Logos 8, visit this page

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