Logos Platform Comparison

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 Can I access Logos in a web browser or a mobile device?


Android/Kindle Fire

Yes—while the desktop software has the most features available, you can use Logos in a web browser at app.logos.com. You can also download the Logos Bible iOS or Android app to use on your mobile device. Here is a chart comparing the available features.

Logos Bible Software
Logos Bible
Logos Web App
Access to your books*
Reading Plans
Prayer Lists
Search your Bible and Library
More document types (Bibliography, Morph Query, Sentence Diagram, Syntax Search, Visual Filter, Word Find Puzzle, and Word List)
Advanced Timeline  ⬤1
Auto Translation
Charts Tool    
Church History Themes
Clause, Morph, Syntax, and Media searches
Clippings document
Counseling Guide    
Draw on Screen     ⬤1  
Factbook Tags
Favorites Panel    
Functional without internet connection
Guide Editor
Link Sets
Notes Tool and Highlights
Offline resources
Open multiple resources
Passage, Exegetical, Bible Word Study Guides
Passage Lists


Personal Books
Popular Quotations  
Preaching Mode
Print Library Catalog  
Greek Pronunciation
Hebrew Pronunciation
Questions and Answers    
Read Aloud  
Reference Scanner
Search Templates
Sermon documents
Sermon import  
Sermon Manager  ⬤1  ⬤ 
Sermon Starter Guide
Text Comparison
Text Selection Cards    
Topic Guide
Theology Guide
Visual Filters
Workflow Editor

Denotes full functionality

Denotes partial functionality

*A small number of resources are not currently available in the Logos mobile app.

1Advanced Timeline, Draw on Screen, and Sermon Manager for mobile are supported on iPad only.

2Corresponding Highlights are currently supported on Logos Desktop only.

What Devices are Supported?

As the mobile device marketplace moves forward, we are striving to keep all Faithlife mobile apps up to current standards. This may mean that certain older devices become unsupported over time. To ensure your device is supported, please verify that it has the most current possible operating system updates.

If your device is up to date, the most recent, supported version of the app, will be available in the App Store or Google Play Store (also the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire HD users).

Regarding Internet and Device Storage:

Logos mobile apps are highly dependent on your internet connection. Mobile devices often have much less storage space and processing power than traditional computers, so our app “streams” your library resources and search results to your device from our servers. Resources are not stored on the device by default, but you can download resources for offline reading; even so, you must have an internet connection for searching the entire library, Passage Guide, and Bible Word Study.

This makes the Logos Bible app a great choice for taking your study on the go; however, if you plan to be offline for an extended period (like on vacation, or going into the mission field in a developing country), or if you need the most powerful study tools, Logos Bible Software on a laptop would be a better option.

How do I choose what device to get?

The Logos app will work on almost any iOS or Android device (including Amazon’s Kindle Fire series), so it’s really up to you what you want in a tablet. Consider these factors:

  • Screen size and resolution
  • Processing power and hard drive storage
  • Your budget

For more help choosing the right device for you, we recommend searching the web for “tablet buying guide.”

Can I use Logos on an e-reader?

E-readers are popular with book lovers because the black-and-white “e-ink” screen simulates paper, which is easier on eye fatigue, readable in sunlight, and gets excellent battery life.
For various licensing and technical reasons, we can not export Logos resources to other formats. However, there are a number of Android e-ink devices coming to market that will run our Android app. For help finding the best device for your needs, search or post about e-ink in the Android app forum.

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