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Install Logos and Get Started | iPad and iPhone

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How to Install on iPad or iPhone

Installing the Logos Bible App

Learn how to install the Logos Bible Software apps on your iPhone or iPad. Installing is a simple process, similar to any other apps you might install on your device.


Tap on the App Store icon below, to get the Logos Bible app, from Logos.

Apple App Store

Tap the Install button to install. Close the App Store. Tap on the Logos Bible app icon and enter your email address and password to log in to an existing account, or register for a new account for free.

You will remain automatically logged in to the app unless you uninstall the app. Also, be sure to check out some of our other great apps in the App Store.

Uninstalling the app will delete any books you may have saved for offline reading mode. They will be downloaded again, automatically, if you reinstall.

Explanation of Logos Apps:

  • Bible is our powerful Bible Study app and counterpart to the Logos desktop software.
  • Verbum is our Catholic focused version of Bible, and counterpart to Verbum mode on the Logos desktop software.
  • Biblia is the Bible app in Spanish.
  • Faithlife EBooks is our expansive eBook app for eBooks.
    These titles are also available in the Bible app.
  • Faithlife Study Bible connects your Bible Study to your Faithlife Community.
  • Proclaim is the free presentation remote for Proclaim presenters.
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