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Troubleshooting Problems With Loading the Logos Home Page


For a small number of Windows users, the Logos home page won’t scroll, and/or has a blank black or white page.

This issue is often related to outdated graphics card drivers, especially on Intel graphics cards.


Update your graphics card drivers.

Step 1: Find your graphics card information

  1. Hold the Windows key and R key together (Win+R) to open the Run dialogue box.
  2. Type “dxdiag” (without the quotes) and hit Enter
  3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens. Click the Display tab.
  4. Click the Display tab for information about your graphics card ("Device Name" ) and driver.

Step 2: Update drivers online

Search the web for the name of your graphics card device, or use the appropriate manufacturer link below:

Step 3: Further Help

If this problem persists contact your graphics card manufacturer or your computer manufacturer for help troubleshooting the graphics card driver.

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