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Troubleshooting Video Problems

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Logos Bible Software supports a variety of video resources (primarily Mobile Ed) that will play within the application. These resources require a high-speed internet connection by default. The video content caches to the computer locally when played so that future viewings of previously viewed videos will pull from that locally cached data rather than from the internet.


The videos require the latest version of Windows Media Player (Windows) and Quicktime (Mac).


Problem (1):

“We couldn’t access the media you’re trying to play. Please verify that you are not working offline. For more help troubleshooting this issue please visit our support page.”


Solution (1): Check your internet connection

Verify your internet connection is fast enough to stream audio. A connection faster than 10mb/s down, and with no other video streaming traffic on the local network should suffice. There are a variety of locations on the internet to check your internet speed. Below are two options



Solution (2): Download the files

The above message appears if Logos is not able to reach the server location to stream the video files. One solution is to download the files from the Panel Menu.

  1. Expand the sidebar

  2. Click the Table of Contents with the sidebar open.

  3. Click Overview.

  4. Click the Panel menu.

  5. Click Delete all media.

  6. Click Download all media.

Note: If Logos does not detect any internet connection or is working offline Download all media will not appear.


This may take some time depending on a few factors:

  • Your internet connection.
  • The length of the videos.
  • The amount of videos.

Keep in mind the following during the process:

  • Keep Logos open.
  • Keep the resource you are downloading videos for open.


There currently is no way to track the download process of each video through a download progress bar. There are a few cues that will help you identify the status of the videos.

  • During the download you will only see the option to Cancel media download.
    • Unless you did not follow step 5 above and failed to download existing video content that might have cached. You will see both Delete all media AND Cancel media download.
  • When the download has completed all you should see is Delete all media


Problem (2):

The video window is black.


Solution (1):

This can be because the version of Windows Media Player (Windows 7 “N”/”KN” users click here or Quicktime are not up to date.

Solution (2):

Another possibility is that the video card driver needs to be updated (Windows).

Check the graphics card (GPU) manufacturer, and current version of the graphics driver.

  1. Open DXDiag and take a screenshot to record the version of the driver prior to trying to updating. (We may need to review this later.)

  2. Use the video card manufacturer’s auto detect software to check for and download new drivers


Note: It’s possible that your computer manufacturer has a custom driver for the display device. In this case you’ll need to go to the manufacturer’s website to find the appropriate driver for you.


Please reach out to us at cs@logos.com should the above solutions not resolve the problem.

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