Missing Logos Fonts

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Logos Fonts No Longer Appear in Other Windows Applications


My Logos fonts do not appear in Microsoft Word and other 3rd party text editors.

Solution: Download & Install Logos Fonts

The Logos fonts were removed from the Windows installer package (in version 6.3+), to be distributed individually. Not previously available for Mac, now users of both platforms can download the fonts they need, as they need them (below).

Please use the links below, to download the fonts you need. Some fonts may include their own instructions for installation, but for general instructions, follow the steps below this list.

Logos Font Downloads

Note: Fonts are intellectual property and may be protected by copyright law. Please read each license before using any of these fonts. Fonts not downloaded from Faithlife should have license information on their respective websites.

Faithlife Fonts (Multilingual, Symbol)

These fonts were produced for Logos and are owned and distributed by Faithlife. They are free to use in any personal document, or any application for which you are not being paid, according to the Logos EULA

Download from Faithlife

  • LBXApparatusFont (LbxApparatus.ttf)
  • LBXPaleoHebrew (LbxPaleoHebrew.ttf)
  • Libronix Symbols (Libronix Symbols.ttf)
  • LogosSymbolUnicode (LogosSymbolUnicode.ttf)
  • LRS System 1 (LRSSYS1.TTF)
  • LRS System 2 (LRSSYS2.TTF)
  • LRS System 3 (LRSSYS3.TTF)
  • LRS System 4 (LRSSYS4.TTF)
  • Musnad Sabaic (Musnad.ttf)
  • Musnad Sabaic Unicode (MusnadSU.ttf)
  • Musnad Sabaic Unicode LTR (MusnadSULTR.ttf)

SIL International (Multilingual)

Multiple Ancient Languages fonts, produced by SIL International.

Download from SIL

  • Abyssinica SIL (AbyssinicaSIL-R.ttf)
  • Charis SIL (CharisSILB.ttf)
  • Charis SIL Bold Italic (CharisSILBI.ttf)
  • Charis SIL Italic (CharisSILI.ttf)
  • Charis SIL Regular (CharisSILR.ttf)
  • Galatia SIL Bold (GalSILB.ttf)
  • Galatia SIL Regular (GalSILR.ttf)
  • GentiumAlt Italic (GenAI102.TTF)
  • GentiumAlt Regular (GenAR102.TTF)
  • Gentium Italic (GenI102.TTF)
  • Gentium Regular (GenR102.TTF)
  • Scheherazade (ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf)
  • Ezra SIL (SILEOT.ttf)
  • SILManuscriptIPA (SILMIPA_.TTF)
  • Ezra SIL SR (SILEOTSR.ttf)

Evertype Publishing (Coptic)

Coptic fonts, produced by Evertype Publishing.

Download from Evertype

  • Antinoou (Antinoou.ttf)
  • Antinoou Italic (AntinoouItalic.ttf)

Unicode Cuneiform Fonts (Cuneiform)

Cuneiform fonts, created by Sylvie Vanséveren. Distributed by Hethitologie Portal Mainz.

Download from HPM

  • Assurbanipal (Assurbanipal.ttf)
  • Bisitun (Bisitun.ttf)
  • Persepolis (Persepolis.ttf)
  • Santakku (Santakku.ttf)
  • SantakkuM (SantakkuM.ttf)
  • UllikummiA (UllikummiA.ttf)
  • UllikummiB (UllikummiB.ttf)
  • UllikummiC (UllikummiC.ttf)

Open Richly Annotated Cuniform Corpus (Cuneiform)

Cuneiform fonts, created by ORACC, for use according to the ORACC License Agreement.

Download from ORACC

  • CuneiformComposite (CuneiformComposite.ttf)
  • CuneiformNAOutline (CuneiformNA.ttf)
  • CuneiformOB (CuneiformOB.ttf)

American Philological Association (Multilingual)

Multilingual Unicode font owned by American Philological Association. Distributed by GreekKeys.

Download from GreekKeys

  • New Athena Unicode (Newathu.ttf)

Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) (Greek, Hebrew)

Greek and Hebrew fonts produced by the Society of Biblical Literature with extensive documentation.

Download from SBL

  • SBL Greek (SBL_grk.ttf)
  • SBL Hebrew (SBL_Hbrw.ttf)

Historian.net Fonts by Jack Kilmon (Greek)

Greek font by Jack Kilmon at Historian.net, is provided as freeware (as of 4/30/2015).

Download from Historian.net

  • Ssyrinaiticus (Sinaiticus.ttf)

Beth Mardutho Meltho Fonts (Syriac)

Syriac fonts, from Beth Mardutho, The Syriac Institute.

Download from Beth Mardutho

  • East Syriac Adiabene (SyrCOMAdiabene.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Antioch (SyrCOMAntioch.ttf)
  • Serto Batnan (SyrCOMBatnan.ttf)
  • Serto Batnan Bold (SyrCOMBatnanBold.ttf)
  • Serto Jerusalem (SyrCOMJerusalem.ttf)
  • Serto Jerusalem Bold (SyrCOMJerusalemBold.ttf)
  • Serto Jerusalem Italic (SyrCOMJerusalemItalic.ttf)
  • Serto Jerusalem Outline (SyrCOMJerusalemOutline.ttf)
  • Serto Kharput (SyrCOMKharput.ttf)
  • Serto Malankara (SyrCOMMalankara.ttf)
  • Serto Mardin (SyrCOMMardin.ttf)
  • Serto Mardin Bold (SyrCOMMardinBold.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Midyat (SyrCOMMidyat.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Nisibin (SyrCOMNisibin.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Nisibin Outline (SyrCOMNisibinOutline.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Qenneshrin (SyrCOMQenNeshrin.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Talada (SyrCOMTalada.ttf)
  • Estrangelo TurAbdin (SyrCOMTurAbdin.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Urhoy (SyrCOMUrhoy.ttf)
  • Estrangelo Urhoy Bold (SyrCOMUrhoyBold.ttf)

George Douros Unicode Fonts (Ancient Scripts)

These fonts are distributed without license, trademark, copyright or other market tags, by George Douros. They are free for any use (as of 4/30/2015).

Download from George Douros

  • Aegan (Aegean.ttf)
  • Aegyptus (Aegyptus313.ttf)
  • Akkadian (Akkadian.ttf)

Installation Instructions

Windows Installation

Installation of TrueType Unicode fonts in Windows is very simple.

  1. Download the desired font (.ttf or .zip).
  2. If your font downloaded as a "ZIP" file, extract it.
  3. Extract or Save the .ttf file to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click the .ttf file to preview it.
  5. Click Install.

Mac Installation

To install fonts on Mac, follow the steps below. If you've upgraded to OS X "Yosemite" 10.10.3, you can simply double-click the font and choose "install font".

  1. Download the desired font (.ttf or .zip).
  2. If your font downloaded as a "ZIP" file, extract it.
  3. Extract or Save the .ttf file to your Desktop.
  4. Open Finder and press Command+Shift+G.
  5. When the "Go to folder" window appears, paste the following:
  6. Drag and drop fonts, from the Desktop, into the "Fonts" folder.

Note: New fonts will not appear in any applications which were open while the new fonts were being installed. Restart all applications to update their font lists.

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