Logos and Security Software

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Logos scans the binaries for every application before shipping them. This means we will never release software that has malware embedded within it. You can upload the file to VirusTotal and scan it for malware for free. 



During an update to Logos, an antivirus or security application (example: Avast, Norton, McAffee, etc will:

  • Attempted to delete or quarantine a Logos file.
  • Provide an erroneous message that there is malware in the package.
  • The following error opening Logos or LogosSetup, "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

See will also: Unable to connect to Logos.com and Unable to Download a Required File or Resource


Allow Logos through Antivirus Software.

This problem may occur when Logos Bible Software attempts to update, or installs on the computer as a fresh installation. An antivirus application may attempt to delete or quarantine Logos files as a potential threat. The result is an incomplete Logos installation and cannot be repaired until Logos has been allowed through the antivirus application. Once an exception is created, you will also need to repair Logos.

Step 1: Adding an Exception

  1. Open your antivirus or security application.
  2. Location the Options or Settings menu.
  3. Look for an option for "Exceptions," "rules," or "Allowed Programs."
  4. Add the Logos directory to the list:
    C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Logos (may appear as "Logos4" or "logos5" if you upgraded)
    Note: "Appdata" is a hidden folder and may not be visible by default.
  5. You may also need to add Logos.exe.

Step 2: Repairing Logos

  1. Go to "Start."
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Select "Programs and Features."
  4. Right-click on "Logos Bible Software."
  5. Choose "Repair."

These steps should resolve the issue and Logos will open. Note, the steps above are generic; the exact steps may vary by application brand and version. If you have any difficulty following these steps, please contact your antivirus or security vendor for further assistance.

Is Logos a threat?

At Logos, we take extensive steps to ensure security for Logos users and maintain a clean application. It is highly unlikely that Logos contains an actual threat, but occasionally some antivirus and security vendors may flag a Logos component by mistake. As long as you are downloading Logos from logos.com or an official Logos email, you should not need to be concerned.

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