Warning: 1946 or 1909

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While updating Logos, you may receive the following non-critical error when updating Logos:

Warning 1946: Property 'System.AppUserModel.ID' for shortcut 'Logos Bible Software 5.lnk' could not be set. or a similar error referring to 1909.


This error considered non-critical1 and seems to occur when attempting to update a Logos shortcut which has been somehow modified, most often when Logos has been "pinned" to the Windows Taskbar. Click "OK" to proceed with your update.

After the update is complete, the Logos taskbar shortcut icon may be incorrect. To resolve this, re-pin the shortcut.

  1. Open Logos.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut.
  3. Choose Unpin this program from the Taskbar.
  4. Repeat step three to pin Logos to the Taskbar.

1A "non-critical" error will not harm the Logos program or affect its performance.

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