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To better understand your support options, please review the information below.


Support status for Logos applications has changed to the following:

Supported Latest stable version
A supported version of Windows 10 or Windows 11
macOS 11 and above

Previous applications

  • Logos 9.17 SR-2 and earlier
  • Libronix DLS
  • Logos Library System


Operating Systems

  • Beta versions of Windows or macOS
  • Windows 8.1 and earlier
  • Windows RT
  • Windows 10 S/X
  • macOS 10.15 and earlier
  • All distributions of Linux


Support Level Summary

A summary of the features and available support options by category are shown in this table:

Feature or Support Supported Unsupported
Textual Resources Some
Sync Documents & Settings Some
Access Web Services Some
Critical Bug Fixes  
Phone & Email Support  
New Features  
Non-Critical Bug Fixes  
New OS Support  
Old OS Compatibility   Some
Forum Support Some



Supported (current generation) applications receive the following: free online updates, all bug fixes, new features, access to the latest resources and data sets, ability to synchronize documents and settings, and come with access to our online support knowledge base as well as full email and telephone support.

Supported versions may require newer operating system versions in order to stay current. To pursue support for your current generation software, please use the following options:



Unsupported versions do not receive updates and may not have access to the latest resource files. Web services that are only used by unsupported versions may be discontinued without notice. Documents and settings created in an unsupported version may not sync to the latest versions of the software.

Telephone and email support are unavailable or extremely limited, but you can still request help in the forums. You may be required to update before receiving assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download Logos from?

A: You can install Logos by following the instructions here.


I still have an older version of Logos...

Q: Do I have to buy Logos?
A: We regularly provide free updates to our software, which are normally installed automatically (if not, follow the steps in this article or download the installer from logos.com/download). The free updates ensure Logos will run smoothly but won’t give you access to all the latest features that would come with a paid upgrade.

Note: This free download contains a limited number of new features, resources, and books on an "access-only" basis. This means you can access them but you do not own them permanently.

Q: Will I lose anything I already own if I update?
A: No. You won’t lose access to any of your books by updating. Each free update enhances your Logos experience by fixing bugs, improving features, supporting additional resources, or adding compatibility with new versions of MacOS or Windows. Very occasionally, to support these improvements, we may remove little-used features that no longer provide value to our users. Or we might consolidate two old features into one new one to make our software simpler and more powerful. If this happens, we’ll explain the change in the release notes for that version.


I have an older version of Windows or Mac OS X...

Q: Will Logos work on my computer?
A: Older operating systems (such as Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS X 10.15) do not support the newer software. You will need to upgrade your operating system or computer to something more current to use Logos.


Q: Can I still use an unsupported version of Logos?
A: You can still use an unsupported version of Logos, although we don’t recommend it. As the table above shows, unsupported versions of the software may not be compatible with the latest Logos books and might not work with modern Operating Systems. Due to security upgrades across the internet, versions of Logos before 7.19 will no longer be able to connect to the internet.

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