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By default, Logos Bible Software automatically detects and downloads newly added or missing books to your Library - New icon Library. However, it’s also possible to configure Logos to access some books in the cloud (in which case they would be visible in your Library but not downloaded to your computer), or only download them manually or at certain times. If you believe books are missing, try the following:


1) Double-check the book really is missing from your library

It’s easy to mistype an author's name or book title. And, occasionally, book titles might differ slightly from what you expect. Therefore, as well as searching for the book by Title, also try searching for it by the author’s name - and you can use filters in the Library to ensure you are only searching titles or authors (not other information associated with the book).

For example, you might be looking for R.C. Sproul's book Essential Truths of the Christian Faith and a search for title:"Essential Truths" would find it:


However, if you have misremembered the title as Important Truths of the Christian Faith then the search would not show the book:


But searching by author would find it, and show you have the book in your Library:


It’s also possible to filter the library, which might prevent you from seeing the book. Therefore, make sure you’ve removed any filters from the lefthand sidebar in your library. If, for example, you had selected the Bible Commentary filter from the sidebar, only commentaries written by Sproul would appear and not the book you are looking for:


Click All at the top left of the filter list to clear all filters and Library searches:


If you’ve just bought the book, sorting your library by Recently Updated may help you to find it.


2) Check which account you’re signed in as

Make sure you’re signed in to Logos using the same account you used to buy the book. You can check the account by clicking on your account profile picture at the bottom left of the Logos main window:



3) Check that the book has not been hidden

You can permanently hide books from your library if you’re not interested in them. Double-check that the book you’re looking for hasn’t been hidden.


4) Manually check for new books or book updates

You can use a couple of special commands to ask Logos to check for updates: update now to check for new books and software updates; update books to check for updates to books.

If these steps successfully download the missing books, you may want to change your internet and download settings, to ensure future books are downloaded automatically. 


5) Update and restart Logos

Newer Logos books require the latest version of the software. Be sure to update to the latest version of Logos


6) Check the web app to see if you can find the book there

If you’ve followed all the steps above and still can’t the missing books, you may need to contact us for additional help. Before you do so, visit https://app.logos.com/ and check to see whether you can find the book there. That will help us diagnose your problem more quickly.

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