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Edit Your Faithlife Profile

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Your Logos email and password are the keys to your Logos Account. They will get you into Logos Bible Software, any of the Logos mobile apps (for iPad, iPhone and Android), and the family of Faithlife websites, like Logos, Faithlife eBooks, and Proclaim.

Navigating to Your Account Settings

Click this Edit Profile link and sign in if you are not already signed in. This will redirect you to your Profile section of Faithlife Account Settings page.

Here you can edit personal information, and visibility settings for in Faithlife. This section contains, amongst other information, the display name representing you at and in the Logos forums. The "Account" section contains required private information such as your real name, login email for and and form to change your password.


Edit Account Details: Change your Email or Password

From your Faithlife profile page, you can edit your Account details: real name (displayed only to you and Logos), email address, and password.


Change Email

To change your email address, click "Account" then click "Change email". Your new email address will be used to sign into, Logos applications and Faithlife. This is the email address Logos will use to contact you with important information about your account.


Change Password

To change your password, click "Account" then click "Change password". You will need to enter your current password to change to a new password. If you do not remember your current password, click here.


Optional: Edit Profile Details

This section is optional, but recommended for community interaction. Information is public unless otherwise specified with a privacy slider.

The "Profile info" section allows you to set up a public display name, photo, a brief biography (about) and set your public profile address.

You can also fill out additional information about yourself in the "About you" section. Adjust the sliders to control privacy information.

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