Connect Your Church to Your Faithlife TV Church Subscription

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Your church group on connects your people to all the benefits of your Faithlife TV Church subscription. You can add members to your group using the Invite button on your group’s homepage. Once your people join, remind them how to access your group so your church can enjoy your content together.

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Invite your members to your church group

To invite your members, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Faithlife church group.

Go to, log in with the credentials you used to subscribe to Faithlife TV Church, and and locate your group in the left-hand sidebar.

2. Click the Invite button.

In the top right-hand corner of your church group, click Invite.

3. Add invitees.

In order to give people access to your Faithlife TV Church content, you’ll need to invite them as members, so ensure your Invitation kind is set to Members.

You can invite people in one of two ways:

Type names or email addresses into the search box. If the person you would like to invite already has a Faithlife profile, you can select them from this list. Otherwise, type the email address of the person you wish to invite and hit Enter.

Import from CSV You can upload your own spreadsheet containing names and email addresses to speed up the process. The imported emails will display so you always know who you’re inviting.

4. Add an optional personal note and click Send.

Adding a personal note will provide some context for your invitation. When you’re ready, click Send.

You’ll return to the “Members” page within your group where you can review your pending invitations by clicking on Pending invites in the right side panel.

In addition to viewing the status of your invitations, you can also withdraw them if necessary by selecting the name(s) and clicking Withdraw.


Help your members access your church group

Now that you've invited members to your group, it's important to keep the group before your people, as your church group connects your members to each other and your content.

Start by downloading the Faithlife TV Church launch kit to get flyers and slides you can use to promote Faithlife TV Church to your congregation.

Each group has a unique URL. You can find and customize yours from the Group Settings in the Admin navigation panel.

Your group URL displays under the Group Info section of your settings. You can customize it by changing the text in the input box. Be sure to Save settings to secure your changes.

If your people have access to this URL, they can find your online community and all your content. We encourage you to keep it before your people. Here are some methods churches find successful:

  • Include a link to your church group on weekly emails (like Faithlife Newsletters)
  • Include a URL and/or QR code to your church group on printed materials for your people
  • Mention it publicly from the pulpit
  • Display your church group URL on announcement slides during your services (Proclaim includes several template slides for this purpose)

Once members of your group, your people can navigate to to access and enjoy all the content available with your Faithlife Church TV subscription.

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