Kids Mode

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Faithlife TV provides a convenient and safe space for children to enjoy Faithlife TV content. All you have to do is activate Kids Mode. In Kids Mode, Faithlife TV only displays content that from the Kids category. It also hides the option to view content from a different category, or to purchase any content from the store.


Kids Mode is available with a Faithlife TV Plus subscription in your internet browser, iOS and Android apps, and on Fire TV.


Kids Mode on Desktop


1. To activate Kids Mode, click the Kids icon  at the top left. When Kids Mode is active, the Kids icon will appear at the center top of the Faithlife TV window.



2. To leave Kids Mode, click the Exit Kids button at the top right of the window, then click Yes.


Kids Mode on a Mobile Device


1. To activate Kids Mode, select Settings, then toggle Kids Mode on.


2. To leave Kids mode, select Settings, then toggle Kids Mode off. 


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