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Faithlife makes it easy to upload and share videos for your church. You can upload videos from your Church group, select who can view them, and distribute them in your Faithlife group, on Faithlife TV, or on your Faithlife Sites website.


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Upload your video 

  1. Log in to Faithlife.com and navigate to your church group

  2. Click Content in the left sidebar, then select Files.

  1. Drag-and-drop a video file into the main window of your Faithlife Files vault, or click Upload and use the dialog box to select and upload your file.

  2. Once your file is uploaded, you will see a notification that the system is processing the file. Your video will become available as soon as the system finished processing.


Define your video’s metadata and permissions.

  1. Hover over the item, then click the menu icon  at the lower right of the file’s preview.

  2. Provide an author, description, and tags for your video. (This is important because it allows you to find and display specific videos).

  3. Set the video status to Published. (You must change the status to Published if you want the video to display anywhere.)

  4. Set the permissions for your video. Permissions correspond to the different user roles in your church group. If you want your video to be visible to anyone, select Public.

Note: Do not add anything to the Rights or Copyright fields as this can often cause problems when sharing your video for others to view.


Find a video on Faithlife TV

Every member of your church group can view your published videos on Faithlife TV. To find these videos:

  1. Open Faithlife TV on your TV, mobile device, or navigate to FaithlifeTV.com and sign in.

  2. To search for a specific video, enter the title in the search box.

  1. To view all of the videos published by your church, click Browse and select your church’s name from the dropdown list that appears.


Embed a video in your Faithlife Site

If you have a website powered by Faithlife Sites, you can easily add videos by using the video widget.

  1. Navigate to your website and click Edit Site.

  2. Open the page where you want to embed the video or create a new page.

  3. Click the plus icon in the section where you’d like to add the video widget.

  1. Select the video widget.

  2. By default, the video widget will show the 100 most recent videos that have been uploaded to your church group. To show one or more specific videos, click the Add Filter link.

  3. Enter the relevant title or video tag of the video(s) you want to show in the search box and press Enter. This restricts the videos displayed in the widget to those matching the term you input. For example, entering “men’s retreat” will set the widget to display only videos with “men’s retreat” as a title or tag.

  4. When your Smart Filter results match what you’d like to display in the video widget, click Done.

Remember: Your video’s visibility depends upon the status and permissions you’ve selected for it.

  1. Select other options for the video widget by checking the appropriate boxes. Click Save.

  2. Make sure your page’s status is set to Published, then click Publish Changes.


Share videos with a Group

If you're a member of one or more Faithlife Groups, you can quickly share interesting videos with the rest of the group.

  1. On the video's FaithlifeTV page, click Faithlife in the sharing bar at the bottom.

  1. In the tab that opens, click within the To: field.

  1. Select a group.

  1. Depending on your level of permissions within the group, you may have the option to share as yourself or as group. Select one of the options.

  1. Click Post.

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