Reading Plans

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You can connect with reading plans while on the go from the Faithlife Study Bible mobile app.




Create a Reading Plan

You can create a reading plan from the main navigation menu.

  1. Tap the main navigation drawer icon .
  2. Reading Plans
  3. Tap the plus icon in the upper right.
  4. Configure your plan (see below).
  5. Tap Generate Plan

When adding a reading plan, you can choose a Bible version, plan, start date, and reading group.

  • Bible Version: Tap the current version to choose from your available Bibles.
  • Plan: Tap All passages to adjust the Bible reading range. Alternatively, if you can choose from the preset reading plans below to change to a different reading range.
  • Start Date: By default, plans start on the day you create them. To adjust this, tap Today to choose a new date. 
  • Reading Group: By default, plans are individual. To invite a Faithlife group to join you, tap by myself and choose from your joined Faithlife groups. Learn more about reading with a Faithlife group.

When you've configured your plan, select Generate Plan.

Learn how to access your reading plans below

Note: In order to invite your Faithlife group to join you, you'll need the right permissions in your group. In most groups, admins and moderators have the ability to share reading plans. Learn more about group permissions.


Edit a Reading Plan

You can change the name or reading group of a plan by editing the reading plan document. 

  1. Tap the main navigation drawer icon .
  2. Select Reading Plans.
  3. Tap the plan you'd like to edit.
  4. Press the more options menu icon .
  5. Tap Edit Document
  6. Change the title and/or reading group.
  7. Tap Done.

Delete a Reading Plan

You can delete a reading plan from the main navigation menu.

  1. Tap the main navigation drawer icon .
  2. Reading Plans.
  3. Swipe any existing reading plan to the left to delete it.
  4. Tap Delete Document to confirm your action. 

Note: If you've shared your reading plan with a group, deleting it will not remove it from the group. To remove a group reading plan as an option, an admin of your group must manually delete it.

Access an Existing Reading Plan

  1. Tap the main navigation drawer icon .
  2. Reading Plans.
  3. Select your plan from the list.
  4. Finish your reading for the day.

Readouts in the text show where your reading starts and stops for each day. When you finish your daily reading, tap Mark Read to update your reading plan. 

Note: To ensure you can read your plan whether or not you have internet access, download the Bible connected to your reading plan for offline use.   

You can also find your reading plans in the Dashboard section of your Home Page.

  1. Tab the Home icon .
  2. Expand Dashboard.
  3. Tap the reading plan card. 

If your reading plan does not appear automatically, you can add it to the homepage. Tap the plus icon next to Dashboard, then select Reading Plan. You can select from existing reading plans or create a new reading plan.

To remove a reading plan from your Home Page, tap the context menu icon  connected to the reading plan card and select Remove card

Enable Reading Plan Notifications

You can set up your mobile device to send you a notification reminding you to read each day.

  1. Tap the main navigation drawer icon .
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Tap the Reading Reminder menu option. 
  4. Toggle Remind me on and set a time.
  5. Press the back arrow twice and tap Done.

Your device will notify you daily at your selected time. Tapping the notification will open your Faithlife Study Bible app.

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