Word Study

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With the Faithlife Bible Study mobile app, you can quickly access in-depth background information on a word while on the go.

Note: To search for a phrase (or to perform any other complex search), tap the panel menu icon  and select Search.

Study the Original Meaning

You can study an original word's meaning from the selection menu.

  1. Press and hold to select a word for further study.
  2. View the underlying word's background and meaning from the pop-up menu, including a brief entry from a lexicon.
  3. To view the full definition of the word, tap Look up.


Search Your Library

You can search your library for any other occurrences of a word by selecting it.

  1. Press and hold to select a word for further study.
  2. To search your entire library for other occurrence of the selected word, tap Search in the selection menu or in the pop-up below.
  3. To search only your preferred Bible, select Bible in the top right-hand corner.

Use the drop down menus to narrow your search results.

For instance, you can filter your results by reference range when searching the Bible. Select the right drop-down menu and either select a pre-defined reference range or create one. Your search will now only include the Bible sections listed. The following example narrows the search results to show only passages in John that include "Word." 


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