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You can quickly add text to any resource in your library with the Faithlife Study Bible mobile app. When viewing any resource, press and drag to add a highlight your text. 

Open any resource in your library. 

  1. Press and immediately drag over the text you’d like to highlight. 
  2. To modify your highlight, tap the highlighted text once to display the highlight menu. You can select a different highlighting color by tapping it. To see all of your highlighting options, select the panel menu icon .
  3. To delete your highlight, tap the trash can icon in the highlighting menu.

Note: If you press and hold, the word you pressed will be selected, but not highlighted. To highlight, either move the text selection handles to surround your preferred text and tap Highlight or deselect the word and press and immediately drag.    

If the highlights do not appear, ensure your highlights are set to show.

  1. When viewing any resource, select the panel menu icon  (you may need to tap the center of your screen to display the app controls).
  2. Tap View Settings.
  3. Scroll down and toggle on Show Notes/Highlights.
  4. Click Done.
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