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Note: This article discusses Smart Search functionality. For general information about searching on mobile, please see the article here.

For anyone who has ever wanted to get the power of a Logos search while using natural language – without learning additional search syntax – the AI-assisted Smart Search included with an early access to Logos Pro subscription might just be for you. Don't worry, it doesn't generate any new text; rather it extracts highly-relevant information from your Logos resources.

Just like on desktop and web, Smart Search is the default engine for All and for Books searches. In either search mode, if you enter standard syntax Logos will run a Precise search instead.

Note: Smart Search is available to users through AI credits.

When running either an All Search or a Books Search, you can also get an AI-generated summary of the search results.


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All Search

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Summarizing Search Results


To run an All Search, open a Search Panel and select the All option:

Specify All Search Option All Search Selected

Then simply enter a query and run the search.

Running A Mobile All Search 

Note: All Search includes results even from books you don't own.

The results returned are of three different types:

  1. Books for which you don't have a license (indicated by a padlock)
  2. Books you own
  3. Relevant Factbook articles

If you tap the padlock next to a search result in a book you don't own, you get a message confirming you don't have a licence for it. The search snippet might help indicate if you would find the book useful (but see also the section on summarizing search results below).

Indicating Unlicensed Book

For results in books you own, you can tap the link at the top of the search result to open the book to the relevant article:

Running A Mobile All Search Looking At A Returned Article

When Factbook cards are returned in search results, you can tap one of the linked entries to open the Factbook to that article:

Factbook Card In Search Results Linked Factbook Article

To run a Smart Books Search, select the Books Search option in a Search Panel and then select the Smart search engine. 

Specify Books Search Option Specify Search Engine Type

In Smart Search mode, it operates exactly the same as the All Search but only returns results from books you own. As before, tap a link to open the relevant article:

Running A Mobile Books Search Reading A Returned Article

Summarizing Search Results

In both search types, Smart Search provides the ability to summarize results. In All Search, this even works in books you don't own.

Tap a search result to expose the Summarize button, tap that button to generate a summary of the returned article.

Select Search Result To Summarize Review Article Summary

In this case, this is an article in a book you don't own - the summary might help decide if it's a book you want to purchase.

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