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Do you want to know whether an article would be helpful in your research or which article out of several would be best to engage with? If so, the summarization tool can be a great help and a real time saver as it provides an AI-generated summary of an article, helping you decide whether to examine it in detail or not.

Note: This summarization capability is available to users through AI credits.

Summarize an Article

There are two ways to access the summarize tool from within a resource - via the selection menu or from the panel menu.

Summarize From Selection Menu Summarize From Panel Menu

Whichever option you choose, you will then be asked to select the article you wish to summarize - and, within a Bible, this is done on whole chapters. Select the chapter to generate the summary.

Select Article To Summarize Summary Of Bible Chapter

There is a reminder, at the bottom of the tool, that the summary is AI-generated. If you tap this, you will see a popup reminding you that the results may not be accurate and need to be checked.

You can tap the icon at the top left of the tool to copy the summary to your clipboard.

Reminder That The Summary Is AI Generated Copy Summary Of Bible Chapter

The example above shows summarizing a chapter in a Bible. But the same can be done for other types of books:

  • Commentaries

    Summarize Commentary Article Summary Of Commentary Article

  • Dictionaries

    Summarize Dictionary Article Summary Of Dictionary Article

  • Monographs

    Summarize Monograph ArticleSummary Of Monograph Article

Note: If you have text selected that spans multiple articles when you select the Summarize tool, you will be given the option of which of the selected articles you want to summarize.

Selection Menu For Dictionary Article Select Dictionary Article To Summarize

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