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Logos provides the ability to create an AI-generated summary of an article - either in a book you are reading or as a result of a Smart Search.

Note: This summarization capability is available to users through AI credits.

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Summarize an Article

To summarize an article, open the right-sidebar and ensure that the summarize option is selected.

Note: If you have previously used the summarize tool in this resource, the last summarized article may appear in the sidebar when you open it.


Click the Summarize button to summarize the article.

Note: There is a reminder, at the bottom of the tool, that the summary is AI-generated. If you hover your mouse over the question mark at the bottom, you will see a popup reminding you that the results may not be accurate and need to be checked.

The example above shows summarizing a chapter in a Bible. But the same can be done for other types of books:

  • Commentaries

  • Dictionaries

  • Monographs


Summarize Search Results

The summarization capability is also available for the results of Smart Searches.

Click the Summarize button at the top right of a search result (you need to hover your cursor over that area for the button to appear) to see the summary.


For more details on Smart Searching and how to summarize results of searches, please see the Smart Search article.

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