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How to Keep Learning Logos

To get the most out of Logos, you need to keep learning.  The good news is that many great resources are available to help you do just that.  Explore the options below for more information.


1) Webinars


The Logos Customer Success team offers many useful weekly webinars for beginners to advanced users.  To explore these options and sign up, go to https://www.bigmarker.com/communities/logos/conferences.


2) How-To Articles


https://support.logos.com/ is packed with articles on just about every feature in Logos.  For example, type in "Sermon Manager", and you will find an article designed to walk you through how to use this amazing tool.  


As you use Logos, come back to this support page when a step-by-step guide is needed to help you learn a new tool or feature. 


3) Videos


You can find videos on Logos just about anywhere.  Even so, there are a couple of locations we recommend that will be very useful:


https://support.logos.com/ will open with several cards including "Get Started Using Logos" and "Tutorials and Videos".  You will find many useful videos in these sections.  


https://www.logos.com/faculty-training is filled with videos designed for those who want more technical training in the areas of exegesis, research, theology, and more.  


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