Getting Started with Logos

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Welcome to Logos!


Congratulations!  Your organization is equipping you with Logos.  With a bit of guidance, you will be leveraging Logos for deeper study of God's Word, more efficient sermon preparation, and so much more.  To begin, watch the welcome video below, sign into the Logos apps, and sign up for an upcoming tour of Logos. (click the fullscreen option in the bottom right)


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Access the Logos Apps


Your organization will grant you access to Logos.  Once this is done, you will be notified by email with instructions for claiming the license.  During that process, you will either create or sign in to a Logos account.  Make sure you save the email and password for that account because you will use those to sign into the Logos apps.  


Once you claim your Logos licenses, you are now ready to access Logos.  The easiest place to start is  


You now have access to three different Logos Bible Study apps:

  • The Desktop App: this is the software that most people think of when they think of Logos.  It's highlight recommended that you download the software if you want the full experience of what Logos can do.  If you want step-by-step instructions, go to  
  • The Web App: this is the browser version of Logos found at  It looks and functions much like the desktop app, but it doesn't have every tool available.  Even so, it provides a quick way to access Logos without the need for any installation.
  • The Mobile App: The Logos Mobile app allows you to take the power of Logos with you on your phone and/or tablet.  This is the most powerful mobile tool there is for bible study from anywhere.  Head over to your app store and download the Logos app.  


Sign Up for a QuickTour of Logos


A little training goes a long way with Logos.  To help you get started, we want to give you a brief product tour and some useful tips.  Sign up for a tour below:


Sign up for a tour at: 


Ready for more?  Sign up for additional webinars at: 


Want More on Sermon Preparation?

Check out the great learning resources found here: 


Need Help?


If you run into any challenges with your account or accessing the Logos apps, please reach out to Logos Customer Support at one of the options found here:


Logos System Requirements:




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