How the Logos Affiliate Program works

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Your audience is coming to you for valuable information, advice, and solutions to their problems. With the Logos Affiliate Program, you can earn commissions by recommending Logos products as your trusted source for Bible study.

When someone makes a purchase after clicking your affiliate link, you earn a commission. The more you share your link with your audience, the more opportunities you have to earn extra income!

To apply for the affiliate program, please visit

Not sure if you’re a good fit for the affiliate program? You can always participate in our Logos Referral Program instead! To learn more, please visit

If you’d like a more in-depth look into our affiliate program, you can watch a recording of our webinar, “How to Be a Logos Affiliate 101.”

In this video, you’ll get a crash course from our Logos Ambassador Program Manager, Derek Schrock on how to be a successful affiliate when you first join the program. It's a great opportunity to gain insight for those who are brand new to the program or are diving into affiliate marketing for the first time.



Still have questions? Please reach out to to email someone from our team.

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