How to use your “Any Page” affiliate links

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Many affiliates want the flexibility of being able to share any book, resource, or product available through the Logos website. With the “Any Page” Tracking Link, you now have the freedom to earn commission doing exactly that.

The formula for creating an “Any Page” affiliate link is as follows:

“Any Page” Affiliate Link + &nonencodedurl= + Desired URL

We’ll break this down for you step by step.

To send people to any page on, start by clicking the “My Links” tab in the top right corner of your affiliate dashboard.

my links.png


Next, copy your designated tracking link listed under ‘ "Any Page" Tracking Link’ and paste it in a separate note or document.

any page.png


The link will look something like this:


Then add the following after your affiliate link:



Finally, you'll add the URL of the book you want to share. So for this example, I selected one of Michael Heiser’s's books:


The final link will look like this:


You can use any URL shortener (we offer for free) to make it easy to share with your audience. Read this article to learn how to use our free URL shortener.

The “Any Page” affiliate links can earn you 5% commission for any purchases made through that link.

Still have questions? Please reach out to to email someone from our team.

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