Working with Figures of Speech

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For over 100 years, countless biblical interpreters have relied on Bullinger's Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated. Logos incorporates these figures of speech into a searchable dataset so you can find any figure of speech addressed in Bullinger and all of the relevant biblical passages.

Note: Available in packages Starter and above.


You can find all of the searchable figures of speech in the Table of Contents of Bullinger's Figures of Speech resource here.

Some example searches using this dataset are:

figureofSpeech:* - finds all instances of figures of speech

L10 Figure Of Speech Search 1


figureofSpeech:name:Metonymy - finds all instances of the figure of speech Metonymy (where one name or noun is used in place of another).

L10 Figure Of Speech Search 2


scepter IN figureofSpeech:name:Metonymy - finds all instances where the word scepter occurs within an instance of Metonymy.

L10 Figure Of Speech Search 3

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