Add Recommended Links to Your Faithlife Group

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Admins or Moderators of Faithlife groups can add recommended links to the group sidebar for all members from the Activity Feed Sidebar admin settings.

1. Navigate to your church group.

Go to, sign in, and select your Faithlife group in the left-hand Groups panel.

2. Open the Activity Feed Sidebar settings.

Once in your group, scroll down to the Admin panel and click Activity Feed Sidebar.

3. Add links to your sidebar.

The settings show three panels: widget list, active, and live preview. Click and drag the Recommended links widget to the active panel.

Add a URL and a link title for each sidebar link. The live preview panel shows your updates in realtime. All changes save automatically.

Note: We recommend adding links for resources you’ve provided for your church, like Logos on the web or your church’s video channel on Faithlife TV.

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