What is the Difference Between Admins, Moderators, Members, and Followers?

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Every group, subgroup, and team contains multiple roles. Each role has increasing default access and permissions from Followers (least) to Admins (most).

  • Followers can interact with public content or content marked for followers. Followers are not available on secret or private groups/subgroups/teams.
  • Members can actively participate by posting on the activity feed, sending messages to others, and interacting with the content.
  • Moderators help manage content and have higher access to settings and permissions.
  • Admins have complete control over content, settings, and permissions.

Note: In addition to the available roles, some content may also be available to the public (visible to anyone online with a link to your content). This enables sharing files with those outside of Faithlife, like images on your website.

How to Distribute Roles

Roles can be distributed in two primary ways:

  • When you invite or assign someone, you can choose which role to use. (By default, people are invited/assigned as members.) Learn more.
  • If someone is already a follower, member, moderator, or admin of your group, you can change their role. Learn more.

Customize Role Permissions

You can set specific privacy permissions for content types within your group based on roles from within your group/subgroup/team Feature & Permissions settings. (Expand Settings and choose Feature & Permissions.)

Change the permission levels for any setting by moving its slider to your desired level. Certain actions are restricted so you cannot inadvertently extend this privilege too far. Your changes save automatically. Learn more about group privacy and permission settings.

Note: Each group, subgroup, and team permissions are treated separately. One will not affect the other. For example, when creating an event for a particular subgroup the permissions you set for the event apply to that subgroup and not to the group as a whole. This means that creating an event for Moderators in your Finance team does not allow Moderators of the main church group to see the event (unless they are also Moderators of the Finance team). For more help understanding Finance Team roles, click here.

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