Configure Group Settings and Sidebar

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Group admins and moderators can configure group settings and the sidebar configuration from the left-hand admin navigation menu.

Note: Learn more about setting group privacy and permissions.


Configure Group Settings

Group settings convey information about your group and set your group’s visibility level on To adjust your group’s settings, go to, sign in, and select your group in the left-hand sidebar. Scroll down and click Group Settings.

Note: You must be a group admin or moderator to configure group settings.

Your group settings divide into four sections:

1. General Settings

The first section holds your group’s basic information.

  • Group photo: Click the photo icon to update your group photo.
  • Group name: This is your official, unique group name. No other Faithlife group can share this exact name.
  • Group URL: This is your group’s unique url (what follows To customize your group url, select the text in the input box and insert your own text (spaces not allowed).
  • Group Type: The type of organization your group identifies as. Each type has default settings to help customize the experience for your group.
  • Group Nickname: This is the shortened name or abbreviation for the group that displays for members of your group.
  • Temporary group: If your group is time-specific, you can automatically remove your group from search results after a period of time.

Note: Recommended image sizes are as follows: Group photo: 1024 x 1024px (minimum: 200 x 200px); Group header: 2560 x 500px; Group post: 1200 x 628px. Learn more about recommended image dimensions on Faithlife.

2. Privacy and Safety

This privacy control allows you to set who can view, follow, and join your group on This setting determines how visible your group (and its publicly-shared content) is on In Faithlife terminology, a follower is anyone with a Faithlife account that has read-only access to your group while a member is someone you accept into the group.

Note: Click here for a detailed explanation of group privacy and permissions.

3. Contact Information

This section includes basic contact information for your group, including the following:

  • Location: your group’s physical address (If you add a street address, an interactive map displays below. Otherwise, add at least a city so others in your area can connect with you.)
  • Time Zone: your group’s time zone
  • Phone Number: key contact’s phone number
  • Email: key contact’s email address
  • Social Media: your group’s public social media profiles
  • Website: a web address for the group (if you have a Faithlife Site, it will display here automatically)
  • Faithlife Phone Number: Faithlife phone numbers are used for text to give with Faithlife Giving and for sending communications to people records

If you don’t have a Faithlife phone number, you can add one for free. Click Get a phone number.

If you add your area code, a list of local numbers will display. Choose one from the list and click Get Number.

Note: If your group uses other Faithlife products, these contact details will transfer for you. For instance, when you set up a Faithlife Site, your email, phone number, address, and social media profiles will automatically show in your website footer.

4. About

This section adjusts how your group appears to others on your About page.

  • Tagline: This provides a short description of the group that will appear under the group’s name on the group’s homepage (and on your Faithlife Site’s homepage).
  • Description: Your group’s About page will display the description you provide.
  • Denomination: If your group is connected to a denomination, add it here.

If you need to delete your group entirely, select Delete group.

Warning! Deleting a group permanently removes it from and is irreversible.


Customize Group Activity Feed

You can adjust what displays in the sidebar from the left-hand Admin navigation panel. Expand Settings and select Activity Feed Sidebar.

To add a widget to your sidebar, drag it from the left column (Widget list) to the middle column (Active). A live preview shows your changes in real time on the right.

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