Add Church Settings to Customize Your About Page

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Your church settings provide your visitors with a better understanding of your church’s tradition, history, and practices. The more information you provide, the clearer picture visitors will get of your church. The information will add details to the About page of your group.

Open Church Settings

To get started, go to, sign in, and select your church group in the left-hand Groups panel. Once in your church’s Faithlife group:

  1. Expand Settings in the Admin panel.
  2. Click Church Settings.

Add details about your church

The settings on this page are organized in four sections. Any changes you make to your settings will save automatically.

1. Ministry Details

The top section holds basic details about your denomination, ministries, preferred Bible, and more.

You can also upload a variety of logo files, set a church photo, and pick an accent color to be used throughout the Faithlife platform.

Note: Faithlife will use the logos you provide to intelligently select the best logo for your communications, exportables, forms, etc.

2. Service Information

Add your regular services to your group’s About page. To add additional services, click the + Services button.

3. Statistics

Provide details on your weekly attendance numbers, membership numbers, etc.

4. Leadership

Add key leaders at your church, optionally including a photo, role, email, and brief bio.

To add additional leaders, click the + Leader button.

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