How to Update a File

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You can provide an updated version of any file from the asset details page.


Update a File


1. View the asset details by clicking the View asset details icon in the bottom right of the file preview.




2. Locate the Formats tile in the right-hand panel.




3. Click Update. Select your new version of the file and click Open.


System Formats


Notice that with many file types, Faithlife Files automatically creates smaller resolution versions. Upload your best resolution asset and every size you may need will be made available. You can even provide links to the smaller versions by clicking the link icon connected to each version or remove it with the X.




Note: If you update the original file, new system formats will be auto-generated.


Add New lets you manually add another format for your asset.




Revert File


If you make a mistake or need to return to an older version of your file, Faithlife Files makes it easy to revert to an older version of any file.



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