Web Optimized Media URL Options

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When you upload media to your Digital Asset Manager, Faithlife automatically creates several optimized formats for sharing. While you can create your own formats from the Digital Asset Manager, for more advanced control, you can control image dimensions, format, and quality on the fly with query parameters.

Query Param Options

You can adjust media with the following parameters:

Parameter Description
rev revision ID
download auto-download the file
f Format (e.g., png, jpeg, webp, auto, etc.)
w Width
h Height
q Quality (1–100); default: 85
ar Aspect ratio
m Reize mode (fit or limit)
bg Replace a specific background color (e.g., white) with transparency
fuzz Color fuzzing percentage for the background removal param
so Start off set in seconds (video only)
c Crop mode (auto or faces)

To pass in parameter options, the asset must be publicly accessible, either by having a public view permission or by providing a share token manually with the share param.

Attach query params to the following structured link (update the link with your asset ID found in the asset’s metadata): https://files.logoscdn.com/v1/assets/{assetId}/optimized

Note: The query param should begin with a ? and additional params should be separated with a &.

The first time a link is requested, a new format will be created automatically. This may take several seconds, but subsequent requests and responses will be fast.

For more help, click Web optimized URL help.

Query Examples

Format image as a PNG and set quality to 60/100 to reduce file size.

  • Example URL: https://files.logoscdn.com/v1/assets/12733083/optimized?f=png&q=60
  • Result:

Crop image around faces, set width to 400px, and automate image type

  • Example URL: https://files.logoscdn.com/v1/assets/12733083/optimized?c=faces&w=400&f=auto
  • Result:
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