Organizing Files with Boards

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Boards are collections of files that help you organize your Digital Asset Manager. You can create personal boards for yourself or group boards to share with others.

Note: While boards do help provide a visible organization, the auto-generated tagging, details, and metadata makes it easy to search and/or filter your entire Digital Asset Manager to quickly identify any file.

Default Boards

By default, Faithlife’s digital asset manager includes three boards. default boards

  • Favorites: Any asset you have personally marked as a favorite.
  • My Assets: Any asset you have personally uploaded.
  • Deleted: Any asset deleted from the digital asset manager by anyone in your group (visible to all users in your group).

Create a Personal Board

You can group your assets by adding them to a personal board to help you stay organized. These boards show under My Boards.

Click +New to the right of My Boards to create a personal board. Add a name for your board and click Create.

create a new board

Any assets you add to your personal board will show when you select the board in the sidebar.

Note: Personal boards do not make your linked assets private or hidden to others in your group. Adding assets to a board has no affect on the asset’s permissions. Learn more about setting default group permissions or about overriding your default permissions with asset-level permissions.

Create a Group Board

Group boards are visible for everyone in your group who has access to view group files. These boards show under Group Boards.

Click +New to the right of Group Boards, add a name for your board, and click Create.

create a group board

Any assets anyone adds to your group board will show when the board is selected in the sidebar.

Add Assets to a Board

You can add assets to a board from the View asset details page.

  1. With the preview page enabled, select any asset (or multiple assets by holding the Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) key and selecting all desired assets). (Alternatively, click the View asset details View Asset Details - Blue icon icon on any asset to view it’s details.)
  2. Click +Add to board to select your desired personal or group board.

add asset to boards

Note: You also have the option to create a new board here if necessary.

Once an asset is added to a board, the board name is displayed on the View asset details page. Files can live on multiple boards at the same time.

Remove Assets from a Board

You can remove an asset from a personal or group board by selecting the × next to the board name.

remove asset from board

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