How to Rate and Comment on Files

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Faithlife’s Digital Asset Manager lets you organize your assets by rating them on a five-star scale. You can also add comments so that your discussion about an asset remains connected to it.

Rate an Asset.

Click on any file you want to rate. To select multiple files, hold the Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) keyboard button and click on each file.

In the right-hand panel, select a rating by clicking the number of stars you want to rate the asset.

Rating an asset

Note: Your ratings are not visible to other users, though anyone viewing an asset can see the asset’s average rating, and how many other users have rated it. You can search all assets by average rating (e.g., type "rating:4" in the search input field to view all assets with an average rating of 4 stars) or by how many people have rated an asset (e.g., type "ratingCount:14" in the search input field to view all assets rated 14 times). Learn more about searching your files.

Add Comments to an Asset.

  1. Click the View asset details icon View Asset Details icon in the bottom right of the file preview.
  2. Locate the Comment tile at the bottom of the page.
  3. Add your comment and click Post.

Add comments to an asset

If you aren’t signed in already, you’ll be prompted to do so. You’ll see a reminder that your comments will be public.

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