Sorting and View Options

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While viewing your Digital Asset Manager, you can sort your assets or adjust your view settings to fit your preferences.


Sort Assets

By default, all your assets are sorted by Upload date, but you can set your own custom sorting using the Sort dropdown. Choose one of the auto-populated options or select Custom to sort by any other available field not listed.


Customize View Settings

You can customize your view settings in a variety of ways:


Choose a Grid View.

You can view your assets in one of three grids:

  • Small Grid View View Small Grid - Blue icon — show small previews of your assets
  • Grid View View Grid - Blue icon — show medium previews of your assets
  • Table View View Compact - Blue icon — show all assets in a table with rows and columns


Toggle the Sidebar.

The sidebar shows an asset’s details when you select it. Click the Toggle Icon Button Sidebar Panel icon to toggle the sidebar visibility.

toggle sidebar panel in your digital asset manager

Note: To view all asset details, hover over the asset and click the View Asset details icon View Asset Details - Blue icon.

Toggle the Preview Pane.

While any asset is selected, you can preview the asset in a larger preview pane. Click the Preview Pane icon Preview Pane - Blue icon to toggle the panel’s visibility.

Toggle preview panel in your Digital Asset Manager

If both the sidebar and the preview pane are selected, a large preview will show with the asset’s details below.

Note: You can also preview the asset in a larger size by double-clicking the asset.

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