Using the Subscription Manager

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Faithlife offers both personal and group subscriptions. You can view and adjust your Faithlife subscriptions in one location, the Subscription Manager.


Manage Personal Subscriptions

You can view and adjust your personal subscriptions for any Faithlife product from the Subscription Manager.


Locate the Subscription Manager.

Access the Subscription Manager from any Faithlife product with a personal subscription. These products include:

*Logos Sermons and Faithlife TV can also be purchased for a group as part of the Faithlife TV Church subscription.

For each product, the Subscription Manager is accessible from the account menu in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Expand the menu and click Manage Subscriptions.


Manage Your Subscriptions.

The Subscription Manager displays your current subscriptions.

Each item displays its renewal date and when the next payment will be made. If you want to make changes to your subscription, click Edit Subscription. From here, you can manage your subscription's auto-renewal settings and your payment method(s).

Note: If you have more questions about your subscriptions, contact Faithlife Support at 888-634-2038 or


Manage Group Subscriptions

In most cases, only the billed user can make changes to a group subscription. Please contact customer support if you need to change the billed user for a subscription.


Change your payment method or auto-renewal

If you want to change your payment method or start or stop auto-renewal for a subscription, visit your subscription management page. Make sure you log in with the same account to which your subscription is attached.

If you’re signed in, you can also access your subscription management page from any Faithlife product page by clicking your account icon in the upper right, then selecting Manage Subscriptions.

Your subscription manager will show all subscriptions associated with your account— including any you may have individually, for a church group, family group, etc. Subscriptions associated with a group will show the group name below the subscription title. Click Edit Subscription and make your desired changes.


Upgrade or change your subscription term

If you’d like to upgrade your subscription or change your subscription term (e.g. switching from annual to monthly billing), you can do this simply by going through the checkout process for the new subscription that you want. Your new subscription details will replace your old subscription. You won’t be billed twice, and any applicable payments you’ve made will be prorated to your new subscription.


Downgrade your subscription

If you’d like to downgrade your subscription, please contact customer support.

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