Who can see my post?

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Who sees your post

Faithlife makes it easy to communicate online with your church, friends, and family. You can choose whether your post will be visible to all the people you are connected with on Faithlife or to a specific group.

Note: Posts to a group feed will be seen both on that particular group's feed and also mixed in with the My Faithlife feed, but My Faithlife posts will not appear in a group feed.

Navigate to Faithlife.com and login. At the top of your My Faithlife feed, you can write a post. You can always change where your post appears in the the drop down menu.

Posting to My Faithlife

If you post to My Faithlife, your post will be visible to any member of any group of which you’re also a member. The text bar above your post will say “To: My Faithlife.”

Posting to a specific group

Posts to a group are made within that specific group. To navigate to a group, select it from the left-hand Groups menu. Your post’s privacy is determined by the privacy setting of your group.

  • When you write a post, the text bar above your post will indicate how visible your post will be. “To: Public…” means that your group feed is public, and your post will be visible to anyone.

  • If your group feed is limited to members and followers, the text bar will read “To: Followers of…[your group].”

  • If your group feed is restricted to members, the text bar will read “To: Members of…[your group].” Only members of your group will be able to read your post.



Faithlife is built for intentional, edifying connection. Whether posting on your personal profile page or on a group feed, it’s easy to share with others on Faithlife.com.



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