Welcome to Your Church Group

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Welcome to your church group on Faithlife.com! This group is designed to be the online hub to help your church communicate, coordinate, and grow. The easiest way to find your group is to go to Faithlife.com and sign in. This shows your personal Faithlife feed. It contains content from every group you’ve joined. To view a specific group, select it on the left.

The left-hand Community panel inside your group is the main navigation for all the resources and connection points available in your group. 

Now that you’re a part of your Faithlife group, here are some of the things you can do.

Note: Some of these options may be restricted, depending on how your admin has set up the group. If you have specific questions about your group, contact an admin (they’re listed in the About section of your church group).


Invite Other People to Your Church Group

Your church group connects your community throughout the week, making it easy to share information and support each other. You don’t want anyone to miss out on that, right? If you see someone is missing, send them an invitation to join your group.

  1. When you’re in your church group, click the blue Invite button.
  2. Enter email addresses for those you’d like to invite. You can also include a personal note about why you’d like them to join.
  3. Click Invite to send them an email invitation to join your church group.


Send a Message

Messaging via Faithlife is a great way to keep in touch, send updates, and encourage your community.

  1. Click the messaging icon in the upper right and select New message.
  2. Select whether you want to send a message to your church group, start a conversation on a topic, or message an individual.
    • If you select Group, type the name of your group in the address box and press Enter. You’ll enter the group chat for your church group, where you can send messages and more (Note: Your group permissions may not allow messaging the group).
    • If you select Topic, type a description for the topic, then enter the people you want to be included in the discussion.
    • If you select Person, type the name of the person you want to message and press Enter. You’ll enter a one-on-one chat with that person.

Note: Learn more about messaging with Faithlife messages.


Post to Your Group’s Feed

If you want to say something to your entire community, create a post in your group’s feed. Select one of the six post types available.

  • Post: standard text post with optional media attachment
  • Media: standard media post with optional text field
  • Prayer: post for prayers (choose between different prayer request types like “praise,” “give thanks,” “ask,” etc.) with optional media attachment
  • Article: full article with a banner photo, title, and rich-text editor

Your post will use your group’s default privacy permission. You can always set visibility for your specific post via the dropdown. For example, you may want to limit a personal prayer request’s visibility to Members and above to let only those who’ve officially joined your group to see your post. Use the dropdown to choose a new option.

Note: If the post’s visibility says “To: My Faithlife” you are posting to your personal Faithlife feed, not your group. Use the post’s visibility dropdown to select your church group. Learn more about posting in your church group.


Access Resources Licensed to Your Church

Your church group may provide access to three broad categories of resources in Logos:

Here’s how you can access your material:

Logos Bible Software

Logos empowers anyone for in-depth Bible study. You may see resources including commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more.

You can access your content via the web, desktop apps, or mobile apps. With any method, sign in with your email and password for your Faithlife account to access the content licensed through your church.

  • Connect on the web: To access your resources on the web, enter app.logos.com into your web browser. If you’re not already logged in, provide your email name and password for your Faithlife account.
  • Connect through a desktop app: You can also access your Logos content through our Windows or Mac apps. Download for free.
  • Connect through a mobile app: You can also access your content through our Logos mobile apps.

Faithlife TV: Christian TV and movies

Faithlife TV is a Christian video-streaming service featuring Bible teaching, documentaries, dramas, kids shows, and more. You can watch it on your phone, iPad, laptop, or Smart TV. You can also use it to share your church’s own video content.

  • Stream thousands of hours of video
  • Choose from hundreds of kids shows, documentaries, and more
  • Watch your church’s own video channel
  • Turn on the Faithlife Bible Screen to fill your home with Scripture
  • Watch it on mobile, desktop, or a Smart TV
  • Seminary-level teaching

To access your Faithlife TV content at FaithlifeTV.com, sign in with your Faithlife email and password to see all your content.

Notable features:

  1. Kids Mode: Parents love Faithlife TV because it’s safe and entertaining for their kids.
  2. Browse menu: Scroll to see the available categories of content or expand the Browse dropdown menu.
  3. Ways to Watch: You can watch anywhere, on your TV, mobile device, or on any computer.

Note: There are three tiers of content available on Faithlife TV: 1) Free content, like anything your church posts, 2) individual items available for purchase in the store, 3) Faithlife TV subscription content, including hundreds of movies, shows, and educational content.

Faithlife Courses: Bible, theology, and ministry video courses

Faithlife Courses bring seminary to your living room—but without the homework. Enjoy over 200 courses spanning more than a dozen topics in 5–10 minute segments for manageable, digestible learning. The courses available to you through your church are video-only courses. The best way to access them is from Faithlife TV.

Learn from trusted Christian professors, pastors, and scholars as they teach on a wide array of subjects, like Bible, theology, leadership, church history, and counseling.

  1. Go to FaithlifeTV.com and sign in with your Faithlife email and password.
  2. Navigate to Logos Mobile Ed.
  3. Expand the Browse menu and select the Logos Mobile Ed category.
  4. Choose a course to watch.

You have access to dozens of courses across a variety of topics. Choose one to get started. A course description provides a basic preview of the content.

Scroll down to access a dropdown menu displaying all the sections included in your course. Most segments are 5–10 minutes long so you can learn step-by-step—even on the go!

Note: Because your courses are available on Faithlife TV, you can access your content anywhere—on your TV, computer, or even on the go!

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