Inclusive Access: Opt-Out Instructions

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What is Opt-out?


Opt-out is an optional component of Logos’ LTI system that allows students to exclude themselves from textbook/course material delivery via Logos systems. This also excludes them from billing, allowing students to purchase their resources elsewhere if they choose to do so.


It is the choice of the institution whether or not to provide students the option to opt out.  When this is done, a deadline will be set for opt out, which is usually consistent with the course add/drop date.  If a student chooses to opt out, that decision only applies to the course materials for that specific course.  


**Important: Even if opt-out is enabled, students are automatically opted in unless they complete the steps to opt out.


If the institution does not choose to provide the opt-out option, all students will be automatically opted in and included in billing.


Steps to Opt Out:


1) Click the Logos Link for Your Course


To begin, you need to find the Logos link that has been added to your course.  This link will allow you to initially claim your course materials, and it can also be used at any time to get back to those resources.  The name of the link can vary, and the location will depend upon which Learning Management System your school uses.  The screenshots below will help you know where to look:



In Canvas, you will find the Logos link with the other course navigation links to the left of your course modules.



In Populi, you will find the Logos link under the Syllabus view for your course.  



In Moodle, you will find the Logos link included under a lesson for your course.


2) Use the Claim Dashboard to Opt Out (if available)


Remember: If opt-out is available, students will be included in billing and receive course materials unless they complete the following steps to opt out.  


Once a student clicks the Logos link for a course, they will taken to the claim dashboard providing an overview of what to do next. 



Students can use the Opt in/Opt out section to make their preference.  If opt-out is desired, students can click "I want to opt out".  If more information on opt-out i needed, students can click "What is Opt-out?".  If students do not see this section, the school has disabled the opt-out option.



Next, students will confirm their choice.



If a student has successfully opted out, they will see confirmation on the dashboard as seen below:



As illustrated above, even if a student opts out, they have until the set deadline to change their mind.  If they want to opt back in, they can simply adjust their choice by clicking "I want to opt in".






The Old Process


To claim your textbooks in Logos, you will need to choose the option, “Take me to my textbooks.” 


To opt out of the program, you will need to choose the option, “I want to opt out.”  This means you do not want to claim your textbooks in Logos.  You can also provide feedback on why you are choosing this option.


What if you accidentally opt out or change your mind?


You are able to opt in up to the add/drop date for the course. To opt in, click on the Logos link in your LMS and then log in with your Logos account (see above).  Next, you will be presented with the option to "Switch to opt-in".  Once this option is clicked, you will be able to access your course materials in Logos.


What if you claim your textbooks and then decide you want to opt out?


In this scenario, students will be required to reach out to Logos Academic Support at the contact below before the add/drop date provided by their institution. Please provide the representative with your name, institution, and course number that you would like to opt out of. You will receive an email confirmation once the opt-out has been confirmed.


Phone Number: 888-634-2038 (US/Canada) or +1 360-450-3542 (International)




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