Inclusive Access: Linking Your Logos Account

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Why do you need to link your account?

The first time you claim your Logos textbooks or course materials, you will need to create or sign in to a Logos account. This account belongs to you and will serve as the means by which you will access your books and course materials. If you already have a Logos account, this process will enable you to add all of your school textbooks and resources to everything you already own.  


Steps to Link Your Account:


1) Click the Logos Link for Your Course


To begin, you need to find the Logos link that has been added to your course.  This link will allow you to initially claim your course materials, and it can also be used at any time to get back to those resources.  The name of the link can vary, and the location will depend upon which Learning Management System your school uses.  The screenshots below will help you know where to look:



In Canvas, you will find the Logos link with the other course navigation links to the left of your course modules.



In Populi, you will find the Logos link under the Syllabus view for your course.  



In Moodle, you will find the Logos link included under a lesson for your course.



2) Create or Sign Into an Account


If this is your first time clicking a Logos link, a new screen will populate confirming that you want to link your school account with a Logos account where you will own and interact with your textbooks. Click "Continue" on this new screen to resume the process. 


Next, you will either sign in to an existing Logos account or create a new one.


Using an Existing Logos Account: 

If you already have an existing Logos account, use the populated sign-in page to sign in to your account. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot your password?" link on this page to reset and then resume the process.


Creating a New Account:

If you are new to Logos, click "create an account" at the bottom of the sign-in page (see the image above). Clicking this link will populate the account registration page shown below. Enter a valid email, your name, and the password you wish to use for your account. Once the form is complete, click the Register button.

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