Delete or Undelete a Sermon

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You can delete or undelete a sermon from its edit page on Logos Sermons. To reinstate a deleted sermon, view the deleted sermon, and select Undelete.


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Delete a Published Sermon

Undelete a Deleted Sermon


Delete a Published Sermon

  1. Select My Sermons and choose a sermon or series from the list. If your sermon is part of a series, open the series and select the sermon from the list.

    Delete Published Sermon 1

  2. Click Edit.

    Delete Published Sermon 2

  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Delete.

    Delete Published Sermon 3

    Note: Deleting the sermon will remove it from your archive as well. However, if you recorded your sermon in Proclaim, it will not be deleted from your Proclaim presentation. You can locate the recorded sermon by opening the presentation in Proclaim and expanding the Recordings menu.

Undelete a Sermon

To restore a deleted sermon:

  1. Expand the Show dropdown and select Deleted.

    Undelete A Sermon

  2. Select your sermon. If it's part of a series, select it from the list of sermons in the series.

    Image8 (6)

  3. Click Undelete.

    Undelete Sermon

  4. Your restored sermon will be set to Draft. Click Publish to republish it.

    Undelete Sermon 2

    Note: When you publish your sermon again, it will post everywhere your sermons publish online.

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