Podcast a Sermon Recording

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Logos Sermons auto-generates a working RSS feed which you can subscribe to in any podcast player. It only takes a few steps to find, test, and share your podcast link.

  1. Navigate to the sermon or series you want to podcast.

  2. Click Share.

    Select Church

  3. Select the Podcast tab and Copy the link.


  4. To test your podcast link, paste your podcast link into your player of choice. Play your audio to confirm everything sounds right.

    Podcast test

    Note: The appropriate software must be installed on your computer.

  5. If you want your podcast to be publically available, you’ll need to submit it to popular podcast directories. You may want to add a podcast image before sharing your RSS link. You can do this by clicking your username followed by Podcast Settings.

    Note: Apple requires a square jpg or png file at least 1400x1400 (no larger than 3000x3000) in RGB color format (72 DPI) for your podcast artwork.

    Podcast Settings

    Most podcast directories ask for a contact email as part of the feed to display to users. You can supply this right beside your podcast's cover image.

    Apple Podcasts is currently one of the most popular podcast directories. Most podcast players will allow users to subscribe to any podcasts found in the Apple directory. This means anyone will be able to search for your content in most podcast players and subscribe to your podcast.

    You can submit a podcast through Podcasts Connect. You can learn about submitting your podcast to Apple from their Podcasts Connect guide.

    You may also want to submit your podcast to other popular directories. You can find specific help below:

    Congratulations, your sermon podcast is published!

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